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Aw, Christ. Why do people vote McCain?!?!

Alright, listen. About John McCain.

I get that he's a war hero, and I genuinely respect him for his service and the valor he demonstrated therein. I respect him for standing up to the Big Dogs of his own party, and taking stands against the majority based on his principles. I think John McCain is maybe the most trustworthy and honorable Republican currently holding court under the GOP tent.


This dude has a record of changing his tune when it's politically expedient. I mean, he spoke at Falwell's university! He ranted like any other party-line toe-er at the 2004 RNC, spewing the phrase "September 11" like a parrot crossed with a broken record. He has pandered so often and so blatantly, the whole "straight talk" thing makes me want to hurl.

And today, the champion of the fucking McCain-Feingold act, the dude who alleges to believe that limits on campaign spending are reallyreallyreally important, has decided to forego federal funding so he can spend more money on his presidential bid.

I know a lot of moderates like this guy, and I get why. And I know all politicians play the game....but he's packaged himself as though he's a maverick, a bucker of the majority, a lone bastion of honor in a government gone crazy - and he's a fucking FLIP FLOPPER of the first order. He's a big ol' right-wing hypocrite. And as much as I think he might be okay, for a Republican, there's no fucking way he'd ever get my vote. And I'm not sure why he's getting any other independent or liberal votes....unless it's because he's the sole white man in the race.


OTM said...

Here's a little more fuel for the fire: McCain's Long and Ugly Record on Choice

Tari said...

I know! He's a freakin' Republican. Maybe a dubiously honorable enemy, but he's sure as hell not a freakin' friend.