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A ruse, a rant, and a poem. It's short.

This morning, I'm standing on the corner waiting to cross Michigan Avenue on my way to work. One of those cabs with the giant pyramid ad board on the roof goes by, and the ad says: "Diets Are Mean." I totally rock a double-take. I can't believe my eyes. An ad that actually says diets are bad?! Wow! Exciting. I look closer, and underneath that, the ad says: "Stop Dieting. Start Living." My eyes nearly bug out of my head. How refreshing! I look a little closer as the light changes and the cab starts to pull away.
Wait for it.

It was a motherfucking "Weight Watchers" ad!

What the hell?? Is Weight Watchers trying to give the impression that their calorie-restrictive, food obsessive, weight-loss-focused ass-hattery is anything BUT A FUCKING DIET?!?!

Unbelievable. I hate when something seems really awesome, but turns out to suck hiney.

Pet peeve of the day: lose v. loose.

To lose something means you don't know where it is anymore - like my mind when I see stupid shit like that damn WW ad. To loose something means you let it go, like....hmmmm....a lasso or a dog from a leash or something. Loose more generally means the opposite of tight, and is an adjective, and not a verb.

I seriously have trouble understanding why these two words get confused. They have wildly different pronunciations, and their standard usages are pretty variant. What is so confusing?!

And now I will stop lecturing.

Look how a mirror
will reflect with perfect equanimity
all actions

There is no act in this world
that will ever cause the mirror to look away.
There is no act in this world that will
ever make the mirror
say “no.”

The mirror, like perfect love, will just keep giving
of itself to all

- "Perfect Equanimity," by Hafiz