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Conversation the other night [paraphrased for brevity]:

Tarot spread: "Hey, you, dumbass - you got some stuff to work on!" (hopes and fears: 2 of Swords [Libra: balance and harmony]; challenge: Justice [Libra again]; goal: Queen of Rods [internal mastery of passion, drive, integrity].....just to give you Tarot geek readers some highlights)

Good friend: "Hey, maybe this is talking about that whole paradox with communicating your truth in integrity and finding compassion for others that you've been dealing with lately."

Me: "Huh, that's interesting. You know, Libra [balance, harmony] does rule my Third house [communication], and I think that's where my Pluto [deep truth] is. Hm."

Good friend: "You're True Node [destiny] isn't there, is it?"

Me: "Fuck me, you know, I think it is!" checking chart... "Yeah, you know what, it is...loosely conjunct Pluto, and trine Venus [harmony, beauty] in Gemini [sharing, communication], and the Third House is actually ruled by Virgo [service]."

Good friend: "So maybe your destiny is to find balance or hold paradox between harmonious communication and communicating deep truth, all through service to community?"

Me: "Yes, and fuck you, too."

Hi, my name is Tari, and I'm a divination-aholic.

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