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Your suspicions are confirmed: I am indeed a Heartless Bitch!

So, today I have officially joined Heartless Bitches, International. I was even a "Heartless Bitch of the Week." How cool is that?

If you have time, I highly recommend checking the website out. There is *so much* good writing, especially of the tongue-in-cheek, ballsy babe type. Mae West would've been right at home.

You can even read the comments from my application which cemented my position as a (longtime, if only newly official) Heartless Bitch. They're here.

In other haps this week, the band continues to grow (now we have rhythm guitar, vocals, drums, and fiddle!). The planning for the voter registration drive (henceforth, VRD...which sounds kinda like an STD, but what can you do?) continues. The cold has improved slightly...which bodes well (knock wood) for the possibility of not sucking at my upcoming gigs. The roomie continues to be cool. The community continues to be awesome. The kitties continue to be adorable and to wake me up at innapropriate times by curling up around my head and purring. Life is going along at breakneck speed, which is good.

And while the ass is still a pain...I'm determined to quit letting it stop me from doing a goddamn thing. So what if wearing heels leaves me in agony...what do I have painkillers for, anyway? Besides, you know, fuck it...you're only young and stupid for so long, and I think I'm running out of years where I can get away with saying that.

Better get on it while I'm still young enough to pull it off!

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