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Feels like love...

Okay, I'm really super-excited about this recording thing. I met with a cellist last night, and it was....just amazing. To hear someone play with the same kind of passion I feel about writing, about singing....it's frickin' cool.

To demonstrate my enthusiasm, I present an IM excerpt:

02:24:59] TariRocks: I am ridiculously excited about getting this together.

[02:27:42] TariRocks: Every time I play with a new player, I get all giddy.

[02:28:21] TariRocks: In fact, playing with [player who shall remain nameless for reasons that will become obvious momentarily], I actually had to stop singing a couple times because I was fucking giggling. And not just because I wanted to jump him right there on his [identifying detail that would give the whole thing away].

[02:28:57] [friend whose name has been removed to protect the guilty]: Dude, I totally dare you to put that in your online diary. :)

Ha, [friend whose name has been removed to protect the guilty]! Take that.

Seriously, I'm so excited I can barely sleep. I can barely sit still. Music is coming out of my pores. It's like I'm on some sort of music-based crack.

Actually, it feels like being in love. Or like what I imagine that would feel like, anyway.

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