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Happt Friday.

First: I'm going to see John Mayer a week from today!!! ((insert dorky dork dance here)) I don't care if it makes me a lame-ass loser, I don't care that I will have to wade through tweeny-bopping fluffheads, I don't care that I probably won't really be able to see him. I am going to the show, I have my nosebleed seat assignment, and I am GOING TO SEE JOHN MAYER!!!!!!!!!


In other news, I bought "The Essential Willie Nelson" last night and listened to half of it on the ride in this morning. First, let me say that Willie is amazing, and his songs rock. Second, the liner notes are all happy birthday messages from various musicians and music people - and the way they were gushing about this man got me all teary. I hope when I'm 70 years old, so many people think so highly of me.

Not bloody likely, but there's my hope anyway.

There's also this one picture of him and Johnny Cash, way back in the day, that just put a lump in my throat. Losing musical icons makes me so sad.

So, last night I finally watched "Coyote Ugly" a movie numerous friends and family members have been telling me for *years* I would love, and that I should watch it, 'cause it's about this songwriter girl in New York.

Okay, so, I wonder if my friends and family have any idea what my life is like, if they think I'd like that movie. Don't get me wrong, it had its moments, but for the most part, it blew goats. I mean, this cutesy little chick from Jersey goes to the big, bad city, where she gets robbed and loses everything, naively tries to give a demo TAPE made with a little tape recorder to various record labels, insists that she doesn't want to sing her own songs, just wants to have someone else sing them, blah blah blah blah VOMIT.

It was just a touch unrealistic, plus the whole dancing on the bar thing didn't really impress me.

Anyway. Back over here in the real world of the music biz, another weekend of shows with the band at the theater. Well a-bless a-my soul.

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