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The weekend.

Hot damn, what a weekend.

First, let's talk about this weekend's hair adventure.

Friday night, K & fam came over and we had girlie night. We ordered Chinese takeout and did footbaths and hair stuff - I bleached mine for the purpose of dyeing it a lighter shade of red. Which I did.

It looked like an orange crayon.

I didn't hate it, but it was a little bit like wearing hunter orange on my head. I swear, it was glowing. A little too bright for my blood, so this morning, I got up and dyed it a slightly (*slightly*) darker red.

Which turns out to be just about the exact same clor my hair was before I began the whole stupid process.

So I went through three hours of bleaching and dyeing to get the haircolor I already had. Only in my life.

Saturday, I had the Mother of All Headaches. Wanted to die. Still managed to thrift shop my way to a kick-ass blue chenille pillow and these cute little faux-wood bowls...and a burnout pink velvet swivelly barstool.
Post-thrifting I came home and basically passed out, and wandered into some of the weirdest dreams where I didn't die that I've ever had. I'm a little fuzzy on some of the points, but I remember one of the guys in my band and I being chased by cops through an empty hospital, hiding in my great-grandmother's neighbor's garage, Gary Coleman finding me and introducing me to Shaquille O'Neal. Who I proceeded to make out with. Normally, he's not so cute, but in that dream, damn he was fine!

Sunday, I got together with one of the actors from the show the band is doing the music for, and we worked on the song he'll be singing. He reminded me why I like hanging out with actors so much (they're crazy fun and funny and cool). Also, there was fun discussion of the fact that all men are assholes and all women are bitchy.

And now, Monday...

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